Littleoasis hopes to improve playing idea for new families: build a dedicated space for international families with taste, fun and utility.

  In little oasis, parents can play with kids together or interact with other families. Kids are playing with the top-class game equipment in the purified air while parents are enjoying the individual service. You can relax yourself, learn, study or make friends.

Parkview Green Center
Littleoasis club (Parkview Green) has the playground built by the world-class master and the classes that will never come to the end of the surprises. What’s more, we have coffee, golf room and SPA room. We will creat high-grade interaction and leisure time for each parent and kid in the modern cities.

Indigo Center
Playroom is the essentials version of family club. It organized a more intelligent type of classes and games on the base of environmentally friendly facilities and professional teachers.

Hopson One Center
Littleoasis club (Hopson One) is the most spacious flagship store, including playground, VIP area, four classrooms, food court and party room. We are waiting for you and your kids to explore the altogether 800 square meters play space.

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