About Us


 Little oasis is aimed at building up a space for families to jointly play, grow up and inspire. We offer services of integrated lifestyle and different requirements for parents and kids by providing a truly integrated space. With complete heart and soul, the world well-known specialist team tries their best to create the space. We believe that the family time will be reshaped. In littleoasis, your family life will be more relaxed and the time you spend with your kids will be more calmly, meaningful and joyful. 

Relax and connect

  The living zone in littleoasis is spacious. Parents and kids can play together. Including café, baby area, game room and mini library.


  It is the room for parents to relax. You can read or chat at ease because your kids are playing next door.


  The combination of facial make-up and lifestyle. The cloistered place achieved innovation of traditional spa experience. It provides a complement to the modern life.

Golf room

 Popular among parents and kids, the golf room makes everyone have the opportunities to do swing practice. Mini Golf College is to provide special classes for kids to help foster an interest in golf.  

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